Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 2 California Coastline...

Started our day early for the journey south from Crescent City to San Francisco...we treked south down Hwy 101, touring the Avenue of the Giants (trails of Redwoods so big, its unreal!), from there we toured the Humboldt area, including more gentle giants.. wow.. I loved the fog burning off thru the trees and the way they seemed to touch the clouds.. Beautiful.
From there we continued south on the 101 hugging coastline, visiting Eureka, Garberville, and Leggett where we hoped on Hwy 1, to really keep on the coastline... Taking that all the way to San Fran. AWESOME!! Open road with ocean kissing your one side, and the California fields kissing the other side...What we weren't expecting was the free roaming cows that just happen to be standing in the middle of a one lane road around a blind corner... HA !!!!! Um ... yeah ... you either hit the cow, or go off into the Pacific Ocean... I prefer to hit the cow, luckily we didn't have to get to this decision point, but gave us some good laughs as ol' Bessy and her cow friends made their way up the coast in front of us... Slowly but surely, they got out of our way, and off we were again zoomin in the open ocean air....
Finally we made it to Billy's parents.. after so many hours in the car, by the end, I was pretty much frazzled and wanted out of the car.. but you have to understand something .. I dont get cranky .. I get pure loopy!! I start laughing for no reason, or if there is a reason, then I laugh so hard I can't stop... well, I missed an exit, making our journey 5 mins longer than it should of been .. and Billy thought this was one of the funniest things I had done all day ... Keep in mind, he gets loopy too.. anyway, we both are in a laughing fit, trying to navigate the California freeways and it made for some craziness...Least to say I was glad when we finally parked as his folks house... finally!!
Kayla ran into our arms and hasn't left our side yet ! So now w/the 3 of us back together, we're off to visit Halfmoon Bay today, with a LONG stop at San Gregorio Beach ... one of the coolest beaches around, and very busy w/surfers and wave riders of all types... I can't wait.. its time to chill out for the day !!!

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