Friday, August 20, 2010

Yellowstone Day 2 !!

W.O.W !!!!! What a day !!!!!! God blessed us with perfect weather, perfect photo op's and even thru in some elk and a rare up close and personal visit with a bull buffalo !!!! I have to say, I was we were, taking photos of all we could of the beauty around us, and low and behold here comes the buffalo!! He was so big, it was shocking. He walked right up to me and Kayla, she was so excited it was awesome to witness. I couldn't believe it... I thought do I try and snag a photo or two, or take off running??? I told Kayla when I say RUN! Beautiful creatures, prehistoric looking at times...He had an itch on his head he kept trying to get as he walked towards us, so i thought, ok, I have time to get a couple photos before this moment I will probably never come across again in my lifetime is over...This is just one of the 10 photos I got of this thing I know, he's turned and walking away from us...the moment was over... I will never forget it, ever. I know Kayla will be talking about this story to her family someday...
Today we took in all Old Faithful had to offer...including witnessing two grand eruptions ! The second one was just a bonus ! Erupted 30 min's earlier then she was supposed too was awesome ! Along the way to and from Old Faithfull, we took in several of the Geyser Basins, including Grand Prismatic pool which was by far, my favorite spot! 1000's of gallons of 200 degree water rushing down walls into the gorgeous river...We've never seen anything like it in our lives... Seeing how amazed Billy was, not to mention Kayla, warmed my heart more than we were, the 3 of us, witnessing some of Gods most beautiful creations, and I couldn't be more thankful for the opportunity...
This is literally a handful of the 100+ photos I took today... I look forward to sharing the rest with alot of you after we get back from our travels...Tomorrow we will be swimming in the river, under the mountains towering above us...and tomorrow night we will be attending a huge Wyoming style rodeo ! Can't wait ! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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