Monday, November 9, 2009

Kids ...and Germs....

Kids ... and Germs ... they have alot in common. They both are everywhere. They both take hold of whatever hand will hold them and not seem to let go for awhile. They both enjoy being shared between hugs, on glasses, on artwork, on phones, light switches, keyboards (standby while I sanitize where I am right now) .....

Ok, I'm back.Like I was and germs are everywhere. There is one thing about the two that isn't related... I love my kid, but i HATE GERMS! Is there really a point to them ?? I mean, come on really ? Why ?

For the past week, our prescious Kayla has battled what was diagnosed today as H1N1, aka "Swine Flu" ... Did I ever think this panademic flu germ would reach our little home here on Camano Island, all the way from its orgin of Mexico ? NO.Did I ever picture myself having to hold down a very STRONG 7 year old, so that they could stick a probe up into her nasal cavity and get germs to test ? NO! I clean, sanitize, wash and do my best to keep germs at bay.. yet here we sit dealing with this. God comforts me and my family, yet at times I feel like I am not the best mom. See, I'm a working mom. I work outside of our home, away from Kayla at times, and its HARD.I want to be with her every moment she is sick, making sure nothing gets missed or not noted.I had to be away from her these past few days due to my job. I love my job, but I hate being away from her, especially during times like this.

Here I am now, on my days "off". I took her to the DR, got the news, and now we just wait for this germ to run its course. And I for one never want to revisit this germ again.

And also .. I dont like adding not "cute" pic's of the little one.. but in this case, I just had to. This next one is a bit better... Can't blame the kid.. sick sick sick..

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