Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring has S P R U N G !

It was a gorgeous day out today... nearing mid 60's and its only the 1st day of Spring .. I find myself wanting to get my hands dirty. Bring on the shovels, rakes, compost, plant starts, spring rains to water the newly planted "babies", cut tulips, cherry tree/dogwood tree blooms... ahhhh... the smell of freshly mowed grass once again...

My precious one and only is turning 8 next month ... E I G H T !!! I can't believe it. Everyday I'm seeing glimpses of the future...a future where she is growing up even faster than I can keep up, glimpses of times when I am going to wish that she was still only 7, only 8... only 9 ... you get my point.. I miss her being 4.. 5 and 6 ... now ending 7, its hard to believe. She's my baby, my little girl, my Punkin, my Missy Pie, my mini me, my gem.

I got to go to my first ever hockey game last week ... let me tell you all something ... HOOKED !! What a total blast it was...It was some of the best "family" times out in a long time... myself, Billy and Kayla got to go.. FUN FUN FUN !!! We've decided we need to go more often next year (this fall) without questions. How could I have denied myself this type of good, clean fun for so long ? What planet have I been on ? Just last night we went to our second, and final game for this season that I know of... It was the first play off game, and the Tips won in overtime... I was on the edge of my seat, so much so that by the time I stood up my body was sore from the nervous/anxiety ridden position I had it stuck in for so long ! What fun !!!! We'll be back next year Tips Team ... the Dawsons will be back...

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