Sunday, March 28, 2010


Anyone who knows me, knows I love animals. My pets are literally my other "children". I am raising Kayla surrounded by the love of rescued animals, which gives me great joy. Not only for what we're doing to help the animals in need, but its teaching her about the big R word... RESPONSIBILITY.

We as adults know this word, and we live it. For the most part... Kids ? Not so much .. there are kids way older than Kayla, who act out in ways that are careless, hurtfull and far from anything responsible.

Kayla, nearing the age of 8, gets more and more responsibility as the years go by... these days, thou she loves "helping" out at the house, right now we're concentrating on her routine of responsibility... getting up, getting dressed, brushing teeth, making bed, feeding cats, maybe feed a dog if momma hasn't, and checking on their water. This is her morning routine when she is with me .. sometimes, she says she "forgets", or she'll miss one step .. but each day is a learning tool for her, and a teaching tool for me as her mom. I'm learning as time goes on too... I'm learning what works, what doesn't, and maybe a few other things along the way...

So getting back to our pets... currently, as of this date, we have: 2 rescued dogs, a great dane and a chihuahua mix; 2 rescued cats, Penny a Maine Coon, and Parker a tuxedo mix; we also have 2 birds and a rabbit. Yup, its quite the household...everyday is an adventure, sometimes of frustration, and sometimes of pure joyful laugh ! We have a good "pack".. everyone co-exisists like it was meant to be, humans caring for animals that get along w/each species.

In all fairness I must admit, at this time last year, we had FOUR dogs.. My beloved Sammy passed away in January 2010 from a massive stroke, at the age of almost 12. It left such a hole in our hearts, and opened Kayla's eyes to the not so much talked about phrase "putting to sleep". She was a strong little trooper during that night... she held Sammy, and prayed for to to go to heaven as she slipped away peacefully. Myself, well I was a basket case... I miss Sammy so much, I didn't want her to leave me, and yet here was my daughter, telling me "it is gonna be okay momma, Sammy is in heaven now, can you imagine momma?!?!?"... i told her "yes missy.. I can imagine" ... sigh ...

We've had a few more cats over the years, all we're rescued treasures. Each held a special place in not only my life, but that of Kayla and Billy's... I miss them all, those that aren't with us, and those that still are, I'm waiting for the next adventure, and the next laugh!

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