Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dentists... How we love to hate them ....

PAIN ... its one of those things that can go so many ways, but for the most part, we all know its not fun... whether it is physical pain, or emotional pain.. its not fun.

The past few days I have learned what physical pain can really be like... ever had a absessed tooth ?? Let me tell ya all something ... its the most horrific pain I have ever felt.. and then to have it rupture is even worse... thou it took some of the pain away... G R O S S. I am going to spare the "details" of my not so pain free adventure, and just put a little reminder out to all of you that tooth pain can go from bad to really bad in a matter of days... I was fortunate to get help pretty quickly once problems started... but for those of you that can't, or put it off.. DON'T. I have learned my lesson, and I am passing it onto you all ...

This reminder brought to you by the letter "D" ... for Dentist. lol .. (remember Sesame Street anyone ??) ;)

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