Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Today I head off to Vancouver,WA area, to visit family... Kayla was 3 years old when I started our annual "momma and mini-me" mini-treks. It's always been right around Spring Break, and/or her birthday (April 27).

This year again, finds us heading down to Unc's and the rest of the Grill family, for a couple days of R & R, and im sure some good ol' laughs...
Billy once again, is not able to join us, as his work schedule is already showing signs of the impending SUMMER CLUSTER busy-ness!! We miss him on our treks.. but keep in contact with him and share our excursion via photos....

I have alot of memories down in southern Washington, being born in Vancouver.. Everything looks so different down there thou, its kinda sad when I stop and see it, or really think about just how much things have changed... Felida Elem School, and the whole Felida area is practically a metropolis of its own now, not to mention the whole Hazel Dell area... Un real the amount of growth.. then again, its been well over 24 years since I lived down there, so things are bound to change whether we want it to or not.

I share my memories w/Kayla, the farm we lived on, Gram and Gramps farm next door, dad's garden w/what felt like the tallest corn stalks lined w/spider webs ever to grow on planet earth!, and the huge fruit orchard.. ohhhhhhh I loved the orchard.. I loved it so so much (cept for the part where I engorged myself on pie cherries and got sicker than a dog one summer)... anyways, I loved it. I do believe that's where I get my love of tree lined driveways... from my childhood! The main "driveway" that led to the forks in the road to go to our homes, was lined in gorgeous, old, fruit trees... These trees were so big, several kids, let alone several adults, could hold hands and still not make it all the way around the trunks. H U G E. Oh, what fun to climb and swing from on our homemade wooden swings!!!! I loved it !! I still love it. If I could go back in time, and just spend a few prescious days again, I would want to go back to a summer weekend on the farm, where mom sold fruit, and the farm dogs wagged their tails happily up to greet the customers.

I can smell the farm fresh peaches now. I would take them, ever so carefully out of the box, as not to bruise them, and hold them up to my nose and inhale their sweet scent.. I miss this scent! I still try to find it here and there, and everywhere. Billy and Kayla will find me during peach season, in the grocery store, literally grasping several peaches in my hands and sniffing every single inch of them, just trying to catch a glimpse of my childhood and its memories...Some days I can catch a faint scent of what I'm longing for... but it's not the same.. but I keep trying. The fruit is smaller, the scents aren't as fresh nor' strong... People may think i'm the "Crazy peach smelling woman" in the produce isle every summer.. but I don't care... i don't care one bit ! Just try and stop me.... :)))

So we're off for the next couple days to have some fun ... I'll be bringing my new "toy" .. my DSLR Nikon D-3000 camera... yesssssssssssss !!! And maybe .. just maybe, i'll catch a glimpse of my yesteryear....

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