Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cowboy Cookout !!!

Ahhh the wild wild west....we went to a cowboy cook out, literally out in the plains of Wyoming and even now as I type this 3 hours later, we're still stuffed !!! After riding horses or taking covered wagons, the group of about 175 of us were smack dab in the middle of the mountains under the gorgeous skies and surrounded by the aroma of good down home bbq !!!!

We ate under the canopy of giant spruce trees, listening to cowboys sing and the crackle of a huge fire that was roasting coffee so dark and strong, one cup has me still wired !! lol ... I think we need this at my work :)

We got New York strip steaks cooked to our exact wellness...corn bread so moist and sweet you didn't need butter or honey...potato salad, beans that were out of this world good, apple crisp and of course it was all you could eat of anything you wanted...I don't know how these cowboys do this 4 days a week all summer, but they do it and they do it well!!! The dusters and hats were flyin' and the laughs were a dozen a minute. The horses were so sweet and truely have the best life of any horse I know ! They "work" 3 months a year and for the rest of the year they are turned out onto 7000 acres to live like horses are meant to live...roaming free and wild !!! Starting in the spring, they are rounded back up and brought to the corral where they are spoiled rotten for the summer...and part of families memories from around the world...

During our horse rides we learned even more about Yellowstone and the Wyoming way of life...what wonderful memories and what a wonderful way to end our trip to this part of good ol' USA....

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