Sunday, August 22, 2010

Yellowstone Day 4 !!!!

Today we took the long journey to the other side of Yellowstone! One of the first photo op's was an actual herd of Bison inside Hayden Valley...You know when you see cars pulled over to the side of the road in record numbers, you know its good...sure enough, we got our chance...AWESOME !
After our time with the bison, we continued on our journey to the "Grand Canyon" of Yellowstone... jaw dropping beautiful, and at over 10.000 feet above sea level, ear popping as well ! Luckily I knew ahead of time to keep everyone well hydrated with lots of water...the hot weather and the altitude caused for alot of people we ran into to feel pretty sick...but we were good to go ! And go did we ever !! The canyons were something to behold...the bubbling volcano mud pits were shocking and a bit scary, and the view...well, I can't even explain it...hopefully my camera can convey it to you all ... We were speechless lookin upon all of what laid out before us... it made us think about how really SMALL we are in life...and how much more is out there that is so much bigger than we can explain in words...let alone even try to explain...
It was wonderful seeing Kaylas pure joy and excitement as she took in all that was around us.. and at times, we would find her just standing silent, listening to what was around her.. both Billy and I were so greatfull to have her with us and take all this in with was time spent together I will never forget....
After leaving the canyon areas of Yellowstone we continued to our final destination, the Cowboy Cookout at the Rosevelt Lodge and Corral....stay tuned for those photos !!!

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