Sunday, August 22, 2010

Yellowstone Day 3 !!!!

Day 3 of Yellowstone was about the big R n' R... River and Rodeo !! I didn't get the camera out too much this day, cause I was afraid I would lose it in the river !!! We spent over 4 hours, in a sweet spot on the Firehole River where the water was ice cold, the sun was blazin' hot and the wildlife was all around us. The mountains towered above us, it was nature at its best...The calmness we felt surrounded by the beauty is one I can't explain... I only wish to return to it someday...and someday soon!
After our day along the river we headed to an old fashion, literally along side the road, true, authentic Montana rodeo !! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN !!!!! Kayla got to be a part of it, and thou I dont have those photos on here yet, it was a laugh a minute ! The chaps, and cowboys were all so much fun to be around, they won a piece of our hearts, we'll be back !!!!

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