Monday, October 4, 2010

Kickin our way thru the season

What an AWESOME morning this past Saturday was ... the weather was fantastic and the girls did great (WIN WIN WIN!!) ...
Thought I would share a few from the days festivities... We're midway thru the season, and having a ball ! Literally :)
It came to my attention a few weeks ago, that those of you who get the "updates" to my blog, dont actually SEE the blog and all its fun... you guys just get the words I type plus the pictures... which is fine and all, but if you want to see the whole blog I have created, hop over to ... there you will see the whole blog I have created w/all the colors, textures and fun app's for those of you with kids ... There is a virtual fish tank on there where you can "feed" the fish :) Just click your mouse in the tank and the fish will come alive for some fun :) Go ahead, add the website to your "favorites" list...I wont mind :)
Holidays are fast approaching us !!! I am looking forward to sharing the adventures with all of you ...

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