Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oktoberfest 2010

Well we made it thru our very first official Oktoberfest get away to Leavenworth !! Don't get me wrong, we've visited the area during fall before of course, but this was the first time we've been there during their most popular festival... and I have to say, it was nothing like we've seen before !! THOUSANDS of people decended upon the small town for beer, brats and more beer...The numbers were staggering... we talked to some people manning one of the 4 entry gates, ONE gate alone, Saturday afternoon had over 8,000 people enter...another fun fact was the ATM repair man we spoke with .. said all the ATMs were showing as broken, but were in fact empty.. one he said Bank of America loaded it with $100,000 dollars Friday afternoon...by Saturday afternoon it was cleaned out empty!!  Never before have I seen security guards posted at the doors to the shops we love to visit...so many people in the 4 tents they put up, at one point we counted over 1000 in the one we were in alone...the bands that played were fantastic ! Our favorite was "S-Bon" .. wonderful group based out of Vancouver, BC who have a following of fans for sure... they had the crowd dancing, drinking and more dancing... So much fun! The brats... ohhhh the brats... every flavor you can imagine, piled high with whatever you wanted.. and decently priced I might add...once you were inside the main gates, you could stuff your face for under 10 bucks...that included the icy cold beer.  I must say, we're not beer drinkers, but we enjoyed a glass with our brats and it was awesome ! The festival ran Friday and Saturday, with Saturday being the most outta control ... we enjoyed keeping to ourselves, staying sane and just watching the insantity play out in front of us...Good times, good laughs and yes .. we'll be back for sure...Room booked for 2011 already, who wants to join us !?!?!?!?
During the times when we wanted to get away from the crowds, we hiked, shopped in Wenatchee and enjoyed all the vendors who came to the area...not to mention we napped and slept in, can I tell you that was some of the best parts of this trip ?!?!? lol ... nothing like a good well deserved nap !
Sunday rolled around, the major crowds had left the town and we had Leavenworth back to ourselves...well..almost.. I got to get my shopping in, we enjoyed one of our favorite Mexican restaurants and might I add, the best Sangria I have ever had !! MMMMMM.
So here is just a few of the photos I took along the way .. loved the fall colors and the foot bridge we found over the river ! Wallace Falls was stop on our way back, grueling hike, but well worth the view...Enjoy your October everyone !

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