Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fur n' Feathers and a bit of winter sunshine

January 2011 seems like it has barely started, yet its almost over, meaning winter is hopefully almost over.... low and behold a little bit of winter sunshine came out yesterday and I wasted no time getting outside for some play time with our dogs (and a chicken)...

Thought I would take some photos of them as they enjoyed the break in ALL THIS RAIN as much as I did... we all stayed outside for about 2 hours, doing this and that, chasing this and that and a tail too, throwing chuck-it balls and even a frisbee, and then finally coming back inside to warm back up... what a wonderfully sunny afternoon it turned out to be.

Here once again is Vinny, our one and only chicken... he loves a good dirt "bath", and stayed there in his hole he dug for over an hour....He has been lonely it seems, not out as much during the bad weather, He wants us to add some hens, but I said NO NO NO.  His spirits will lift again as the sun comes out more, I totally understand what he's going thru, well, w/the lack of sun and all ...

Ahhhh Miss Riley Joy.... you love to romp and play, w/your jowls floppin as you run. You are a laugh a minute, THANK YOU for finding me, finding us !  When I see you playing, knowing how far you have come out of your shell and health wise, it warms my heart...We've had you just over an month, thou you were not expected, you were a blessing, and we love you. How sweet can one dog be ???

                                    "Gonna find my ball, if its the last thing i do today !!"

Boogie... what can I say ?? You are HILARIOUS.  You are like a little bullet, running with your run-hop-skip you do, all over the yard.  You are the sweet n' loving energy that keeps this house laughing, thou at times we have to remind you we're in charge, not you. That's ok thou, every house needs a dog like you.  You came to us from a family who couldn't care for you anymore, and we have loved you ever since. You play hard, sleep like a log, and love us unconditionally, and for that we are thankful.

"I know you have a ball to throw for us, just get it over with and do it!"

"I'm tired of posing for pictures, just throw the ball alaready, gesh"

Sgt.Wesley ... our one and only old boy... I love you buddy, so much... Can you believe its been just over 4 years since we rescued you? Time has flown by, and thou its wonderful, its also a bit sad... each day you have more and more grey on your muzzle, your face, your legs... you are showing your age, but at the same time, you still have your puppy filled energy driven moments !  I will never forget when I first saw shocked me that someone could treat you the way they did.  Every bone stuck out of you, where muscle was supposed to be, you had nothing. You could hardly walk, let alone run, and after just a few minutes of exercise, you would crash at my feet and tell me "enough momma"... The open wounds that caused you pain and illness, thou it was hard to help you, we did it... and you turned out to be such a wonderful addition to our home.  We would do it all over again, each second.  You were worth it, and im glad we got to keep you !

"I don't chase the ball anymore, but I love a good stretch in the sun!"

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