Thursday, May 26, 2011

Spring a ding ding

Time has certainly flown by since my last blog post... partly because well, LIFE gets in the way.  Life gets in the way in so many different ways, its hard to name just one reason. But here I am now again, to try and get you all caught up on a few how-de-do's and this and that's....Hereeeee we go!

For spring break I surprised miss Kayla with her very first train ride. She has loved trains since she was around two years old! Never before being on one, I made sure to have the video camera ready when I sprung the spring a ding ding on her...It's a video that will for sure be kept in the vault as a "keeper"... adorably sweet.

I love taking photos of people when they dont even know im doing it.. Here she was talking to her dad, telling him what her surprise of my favorites taken of the whole trip...

I ♥ my home town of Vancouver, Washington SO MUCH.  If it were possible, we would be moving there asap.  But hey, there is always retirement :) For families, its an amazing city with so many fun things to do, and one of Kayla's favorites is the park that's not far from the train station. She got to burn off some energy which helped for our long train ride back home...

So after spring break, it was time to put together Kayla's 9th birthday party!!!  She wanted to do roller skating again this year, she's gotten so good at it. We did a "groovy tye-die" theme, and had alot of fun.

Took some time out the day of her birthday and got her alone for of course, more photos... she's such a good sport when it comes to me fine tuning my camera skills, makes for alot of fun around here :)

Yup, that's right ... you're NINE !!

And let's see... when Kayla is at school, or doesn't happen to be with me... I find other people, places, or things to photograph... Here's the view from our road on my way home... I love living on this island for reasons just like this.. We have told ourselves that someday, we want to move where we see more of this bright orb called the sun..I will love that... but sometimes I think that when one doesn't see it all that often, its even more beautiful when you do. Don't you agree ?

Anyone who knows me, knows my other "kids" are the 4-legged furry kind... with three dogs, it gets hectic, but even they seem to enjoy getting their turn in the spot light...

The other night as the sun was setting, I couldn't find Kayla.. she had left her homework on the counter finished, wasn't in her room, wasn't anywhere in the house... so I peered outside...there she was, of all things, DANCING in the yard, as our smallest dog hopped at her feet.  She had the biggest grin of pure joy on her face, out there on her own little stage..So what's a mom to do ? Oh I know ! I'll sneak out back with my camera of course, and see what I can capture.. turns out, as I was headed out, she came in front door... and who ended up surprising ME around the other side of the house ? Well .. if you couldn't figure it out... here's your answer!

Speaking of dancing... Recital time !! Alice in Danceland was by far, the best recital put on by Camano Dance Academy yet.. WONDERFUL.  Kayla, along w/her best friend here, Celia, had a special part in it, and performed flawlessly.  I was a beaming momma for sure.  We are so proud of you Kayla !!!

Can the smiles be any bigger ?? Love it.

And finally, I'll post (just one) photo of "our girls" ... we got 6 chicks back during the first part of May.. they arrived to us only 3 days old. All in a tiny box, chirping their hearts out.  This photo taken just today shows them at 3 1/2 weeks old.. total miniture versions of what they will look like fully grown.  We love them!!  We planned and prepared for these beauties for months before we got them.  I was literally nesting around the house like an expectant parent!! They have been living in a custom made brooder box since they arrived and just today got the chance to feel "ohhhhh grass!!!!" for the first time.. after a few mins of "what the heck????" tense moments, one at a time they started doing what baby chickens do... eat grass, try to fly, play, hop, eat, "run"... whatever its called, its their version of joy.  They had so much fun as did we watching how much they've grown .. People have been getting a giggle out of what we named them..but knowing us, would you expect anything else ? For those of you who have maybe visited another planet lately, and didn't know about our girls, we named them after some of our favorite Beatles songs... Prudence, PennyLane, Lucy, Loretta, Diamond and Jo-Jo.

So there you have it!! A quick run down my spring memory lane... I'm hoping to be able to take more time for my blog over the next couple of months.. I love writing, obviously I love taking photos.. and I love having this "memory keeper" if you will, for Kayla to look back on and read someday...

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