Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cookin with mom 101

When I stop to think of parts of my childhood, I don't recall cooking alot with my mom. What I do remember is the wonderful aromas that would fill the house when I walked in. Whether it was a freshly baked deep dish pumpkin or apple pie, or stew bubbling on the stove, it always made me glad to walk in the door.

I knew that eventually when I had children of my own, I would cook not only for them of course, but with them.  I wanted to teach them what I had learned, the good and the bad.  One of the best movie lines I've ever heard was in Forrest Gump: "My momma said life is like a box of chocolates... you never know what you're gonna get"... Well, in my own words, "Life is full of burnt toast, spilled milk and over cooked pasta... get over it". Wise huh ? But its the truth ! There's always going to be those times when you forget about the toast, it burns. Or you knock over your glass of milk, and you're out of luck. Perhaps you boil over your pasta, causing dinner to be ruined. Well, that's life. Bet you didn't really think of cooking as lessons about life before did ya ?

So tonight, once again, it was time for "Cooking with mom 101". Staring my one and only daughter, who nearing the age of nine, is becoming quite the little chef.  The menu ? Well, she got to choose, and it ended up being Taco Soup.  For such a simple dinner to make, there are several steps.  I remember the first time we made it together couple years ago. She didn't know one single thing about being in the kitchen other than it was a place where food came from and where her mom spent alot of time. These days, she knows where everything goes when she puts dishes away, how to boil water, brown meat, chop certain fruits and vegetables, and clean up after herself. Well, MOST of the mess anyway (cue laughter here...)  

Right about now during our cooking time, I asked her more about her day.  We were past the "how was your day at school?" comments... we were onto the "anything special happen today?" "Did anything make you smile or giggle today really hard?"  And do you know what she said ? She looked over at me, while I was puttin the camera up again to capture our time together, and said "Right now mom, cookin with you again".. My heart melted at that moment.  I knew she would remember these times spent in our kitchen many many years from now. As would I. 

We continued our cooking time, well wait .. HER cooking time, MY lesson teaching time.  We talked about the importance of this and that, and then moved onto always do this, try that, but don't do this.  Our conversation flowed from cooking to life lessons 101.  Bingo.  Just what I had hoped for.  Once again, here we were together during this short time, just her and I, talking about her getting married someday!! And her wanting to cook "really good mom, just like you do for Billy and me". Its funny to listen too what she believes marriage is all about, where it starts, and how one gets there. Its quite comical.  But it's also an eye opener for me.  She has still so much to learn, not only about cooking, but life in general ! Yes, she may be almost nine, but still, she is sooooo young, so clueless about so much!  I still have a long road ahead of me, when it comes to our 101 lessons... and I for one, can't wait to open those books of teachings.

Eventually, my growing-up-way-to-fast, little one, finished making her dinner (AND IT WAS DEEE--LISH!)  We sat down, enjoyed our blessings, talked a little more and wrapped up our evening together by reading a bit from "The Hobbit".

Another great evening, one of the many treasures put away in my heart forever. Its moments like these that make all the little nonsense moments of our weeks mean nothing.  Moments like this here tonight, are the important ones, the ones that will stay with her and I long from now....

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