Monday, December 26, 2011

A trip down late 1970's memory lane....

I'm not sure how this happened today ... but while browsing one of my all time favorite websites, I came across some "Vintage Tupperware".

Yes, I said it .. VINTAGE.  At first, this struck me as odd and I'll admit, a little bit scary... here I was, born in the mid 1970's, and something I saw all the time around our home, is now considered vintage. For real???? Seriously ???

Then I thought about how much time has passed since I have seen some of these items. I can remember seeing them in the fridge, packed in our lunches, and used as serving items for many of our meals.... I was flooded with so many memories, it made me smile. I thought I would hop on my blog, and post a few photos, to see if any of you can recall these items.... ** sorry for the kinda fuzzy photos, that's what ya get when you sometimes take them from another source... wish I could have some of these now to use in my own kitchen!  Here we go:

Our first example, is a bright canary yellow pasta strainer! Ohhhh this was used alot in our home! Notice the fine details of the holes in the bottom... and that oh so sturdy handle !

Next on our trek down memory lane... this handsome couple. Who didn't have these !!?!?!? Ours got so old, I remember the S and the P eventually wearing so thin, we had to look on the top of the container to see what we were sprinkling before we actually did the deed. Funny memory for me.

Ahhh yes. What house in the late 70's early 80's wasn't complete with out the HUGE covered cake carrier ?!! My mom used these for cupcakes, cakes, and anything else that needed to be carried that wasn't hot. I remember thinking this thing was outta control huge... now I wish I had one. Wait.. I can order one of these "vintage" items on Etsy! YES!

Continuing on down our memory lane ... we come to a stack of these lovely items... I think this was it for colors they came in... I hated using them! But once again, these are something I wish I had for Kayla when she was younger... how easy it would of been to have her food placed on it instead of just the high chair tray.  The one thing I really recall about these, was the sound my fork made on them. Like a nail on a chalkboard people! scrapppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Gives me goose bumps right now to think about it.

And our final item today, is these oh so hand warming, coffee,juice,water, milk, whatever you may be having to drink, cup! Yes, we had plenty of these. They ended up with teeth marks all around the lip of them.... who chews on cups ? Oh wait.. KIDS. Maybe they were put in the freezer and used as "teething cups" .. I have no clue.. I just remember the feeling of the worn down plastic hitting my teeth ...

Alrighty everyone... I hope you enjoyed this trek down the 1970's Tupperware memory lane with me. I found so many more items that I remembered having in our home, but figured I would just keep it small when sharing with you all .. once again, sorry for the fuzzy photos.. wouldn't be that way if I had my own to photograph and talk about ! :)

Have a great rest of 2011 everyone !!!! Now, I think I'll head back over to Etsy and pick up a few of these items.. just cause, well, I can.

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  1. ok so I have the cake carrier AND the collander. in the same color. & I use them OFTEN! haha!