Friday, December 30, 2011

New Moon Farm... a Goat's story...

Today was a blustery, sunny, winter day ... Our home is "back to normal" after all the holiday fun, no cleaning to be done (except the dishes in the sink!) what to do ?? What to do ????  Oh yes... I know what to do... time to bring our gently used Christmas tree down to the New Moon Farm Goat Rescue and Sanctuary!!

Let me tell you a little bit about this place.  Located off the beaten path, on the outskirts of Arlington, WA is a little piece of goat heaven. A place where goats can be goats... live out their lives, most coming from horrible places, needing extra love and care. Some have injuries, others have scaring on their bodies, and yet still, sweet natured as can be.

This wonderful farm allowed us to stop by today to drop off our Christmas tree, in order to give the goats a little bit of extra "luv" this holiday season... The goats came a'runnin when they saw our tree being plopped into their enclosure! They eat it all the way down to the main trunk, and a little extra too ... 

As we strolled the farm grounds, we got to meet several other animals who call New Moon their home sweet home. There was several dogs, and of course a horse or two. This one here was one of the most curious animals there, his name is Eclipse. Very sweet horse, who just happen to know we brought some extra goodies too, sliced apples!

Continuing on down the farm lane, we continued to pass out our sweet apple slices, pieces of Christmas tree and many many pats of love....

Stopping of course, to snag a photo or two of us along the way.... ha ! Ohhhh helloooooo....

Here is Kayla trying to mimic a goats "sound" ... its a cross between a bahhhhh and a ribbit. I can't do it, but she did it pretty well! HA !!

Komo 4 news just happen to be at the farm when we got there... I felt bad for Ellen, the homeowner... she had mentioned that she had got into a car crash last evening, and the media showed up unexpectedly to see the farm! She hadn't showered, or even really cleaned up... but she was a good sport and gave the media what they came for... knowing that any media coverage would benefit the goats! Sing it sister !!! You are correct... I got to meet and talk with the Komo guys... Theron Zahn is a cool cat.

Here we are saying our goodbyes to some of the furry ones....Notice the goat at Kayla's left side... His name was "Jake" .. and he was HUGE. His horns were so beautifully curved and I will admit, made me think "He is nice right ?" ... He was, in more ways than one. He came gently, looking for love, and when Kayla stopped petting him, he gently put his head back in her hand, for more love. What a sweet boy.

And the final photo for the day, me and Kayla being goofy with big boy Jake.


  1. These are great and looks like so much fun!

  2. Amy, I'm publishing an article on New Moon Farm's expansion efforts and would like to use one of your photos to accompany the story--the one second from the top of the white goat facing the camera. I'd give you photo credit, of course.

    Beckye Randall
    Editor, North County Outlook