Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Nancy & David MARRIED !!! July 7, 2012, Lake Ki - Arlington, Washington wedding photographer

♥   To say Nancy and David love each other, really isn't giving them the credit they deserve. They are madlyhugely, CRAZY in love with each other! Acquaintances for most of their lives, each went their own way and eventually found each other again, this time not letting each other go.

♥   I met with Nancy, a local massage therapist, back in May for our "meet and greet"... it was like a long lost friend walked in the door. Instantly we connected, and our conversation oozed all that is wedding! I kept in touch with her as the wedding day grew closer... each moment brimming with more excitement then the last. I was over the moon excited as Nancy and David's wedding was going to be my first official wedding working as a photographer! Seriously, I can't tell you what this meant to me. Finally, the big day was here.... summer officially arrived the week of her wedding here in Washington State... and was fore casted to be near 80 degrees. The wedding, a FABulously planned Hawaiian theme... with the weather being the icing on the cake. Mmmmmm cake... wait, I will tell you about that little decadent morsel later! For now, here's a little bling a ding ding for ya to see .....

♥  The day started off with me meeting up with Nancy and her bridal party at The Medallion Hotel. I was met with wonderful smiles and a room bursting at the seams with wedding commotion! The lovely brides mom, sister and best friend... as well as two little flower girl cuties, welcomed me into their calm chaos and from then on, it was all about documenting the day as I had planned. This moment was a long time coming not only for Nancy the bride, but for me! I was ready! No nerves, no worries... it was GO TIME BABY !

Nancy !!!! You are such a natural beauty !!!! You were joking around saying you felt all "girly" with nails and make up ... let me tell ya what sistah, you make it look effortless ! Every ones hair was done on site by the ubber talented Erin Rygg and her co-worker, both from The Parlor Salon, in downtown Everett. Nancy, the now blushing bride, added STUNNING orchids into her hair. I was blown away by the perfect details of everything I was seeing...

Nancy's long time friend, Elizabeth Wittenberg, was on location, making each and every piece of the bridal parties jewelery. The bride wore beautiful shell and pearl drop earrings with a matching necklace, as well as gemstone beading on her feet. I thought this was a perfect addition, as she was going to be barefoot in the sand during the ceremony! The two bridesmaids wore sangria colored gem stones with gold... they were gorgeous and sparkled each and every time the sun hit them. I so enjoyed laughing with the bridesmaids that morning.. and into the afternoon... I can see why everyone loves each other so much.

As the late morning continued, Nancy had her makeup done by yet another personal friend who has worked for decades many, many years with the likes of Este Lauder... I'm kicking myself now because I forgot to grab her name, but trust me when I say, she did an amazing job! 

Finally, it was time to put on THE dress! This was it ladies, let's all stand aside and get our bride into the perfect light for her perfect moment! Nancy chose an amazing strapless gown that billowed down into an awe inspiring chapel length train... the way it draped, flowed and hugged Nancy was something to behold. With the help of her bridesmaids and mother... in she stepped, and out she stood! YOU GO GIRL !!!

Watching Nancy check herself in the mirror was so sweet... she was even blown away with how beautiful she looked... Just the way a bride is supposed to look!

"Mothers hold their children's hands for a short while... but their hearts forever" .... Unknown

"Is solace anywhere more comforting than in the arms of a sister?" ... Alice Walker

Soon it was time to head to the wedding location. The gals waited for the limo, as I decided to get head start as I wanted to be at the house when they arrived. I also thought it would be a good time to grab some of the fun "detail" images of the day.... Like this one .... SERIOUSLY, did they think of EVERYTHING !!!?? Thank goodness too, because it was a warm one for this fair skinned photographer :)

I loved the theme of Nancy and David's wedding... Hawaiian. Nothing was missed, everything flowed and went so nicely together, it made a great day go even better for me.

Be still my flower loving heart !!!!! Anyone who knows me, knows my love of gardening and all that there is flowers... Heaven to me is allllll flowers... and chocolates... and more flowers... so being able to photograph these details won my heart forevahhhhhh.....

Yes ... please......

"Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same" ... Emily Bronte

I try to find some extra "fun" little things to capture with my lens..... This made me giggle. Yes, I said giggle....

Love me a lakeside partayyyyyy !!!

And of course ... what would a wedding be without cake!!! This decadent masterpiece was made by yet another long time friend of the brides, Jean Cory. Serious yum factor went on here folks... Pina Colada cake! Wish I had a piece now....
I should mention too, that the food... ALL the food, was DELISH. Sweet Hawaiian meatballs, lip smackin' good steak kabobs, a feta-orzo salad that I MUST get the recipe for... the list goes on, and now I need a bib. Nancy, the ever so kind bride, reminded me to get something to eat... don't need to ask me twice, thank you ! It was so good!

Now that some of the details are done.... what's that I hear ?? The limo is arriving !!!! Time for the handsome groom David, to see his soon to be wife ♥

This couple is beyond sweet. When he saw her, I teared up!!!!! This next image is one of my personal favorites... look at the two lovebirds !!!

GAHHHHHH !!!!! Another personal fav of mine ..... Glorious sunlight, stream down your magnificent rays !!!!! Alot of photographers "fear" the sun.... and the "harshness" of the rays ... not me!!! I EMBRACE IT ! I hug it too. I may even give it a wink.... maybe...

Ok its time to show you all a bit of the ceremony !!!!! As a natural light photographer, I am ALWAYS on the hunt for a place that puts me where I would be able to capture a moment that leaves ya weak in the knees... It doesn't take alot of light ... but its not always easy finding it... I keep watchin... watchin ever so carefully... and when it happens, SHA-ZAMM ! These next couple images speak volumes to me, and what I try to do as a photographer.... The first one, David and his mom.... tear jerker... what a sweet lady she is... always smiling at me, ADORES her son!! The grooms mother and brides mother were given beautiful white orchid flower leis to wear.... Quick, someone grab me a tissue!!!!

Look at the emotion on Nancy's mom's face... Please, again, someone bring me a tissue!!

Dear sunlight.... I love you.

The ceremony was short, sweet and oh so touching.... passages were read from Psalms and Song of Solomon.... Taking place in the sand along Lake Ki, it was an honor to witness the union of Nancy and David... I couldn't love my job as a wedding photographer more!!! The couple stood under a canopy of bamboo and orchids.... they floated above them like doves... I loved it.

After the ceremony, it was time to get the party started (not that it already hadn't!). Food and drinks began to flow... laughter continued... hugs all around. Oh, and of course kissing.... I love this image, happily out of focus I might add......

No detail was left un-noticed..... I'm like a hawk ... circling and circling... this image was taken as the just married couple mingled with their guests ... bet you two didn't know I was sneaking this little capture in did ya ? :) I love my serious zoom lens!

Time for some love from the bridal party ♥ Here is Nancy's sister giving her speech.... I love your reaction Nancy, you made me cry! Hello ??? Someone?? TISSUE !!!!

I wish I could share MORE images of the day, but I have to save some for the newlyweds to see first of course ! I hope this is all painting a picture of how awesome the day was... I loved each and every moment of it.... Ok, onto some dancing !!!!  The couples first dance was "Someone like you" by Van Morrison... perfect choice for this sweet couple.

Oh, if this table was just a wee bit taller !!!! I love finding images that make you think to yourself just what is that ? Here the sunlight was hitting the couple just perfectly, where their sillouetes "danced" on the table cloth....

Another one of my fav's from the day.... do you see them ??? That's Nancy and her dad, during their dance... reflecting in the gorgeous floor to ceiling length glass doors that face the lake.... Thank you someone finally brought me a tissue !!! :)

" Please take my hand, come walk with me.. I will show you the way, and let you see... How love and happiness will make you feel .. and make your life feel so unreal... I will hold you tight .. all thru the night... and never let you out of my sight...For you belong to me... For all the world to see" .... Unknown

Ok... I guess I will end this blog post with this final image..... Nancy and David, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart once again, for allowing me to come into your moments of beauty and love and capture it all .... I consider you both friends now and am honored that you shared your day with me ♥ You are both so beautiful in so many ways, I look forward to watching you grow in life as husband and wife.....  


  1. These pics make me wanna get married......just so u can photograph it!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful day!

  2. Beautiful pictures. Just one little mistake on the comment with David and the mom...it was David's Mom and not Nancys. Great day and wonderful memories from all the family

    1. Hello Darlene, and thank you for your comment :) However, when I went over my post, I saw that I do in fact have it correct.... If you read the words before the photo of David and his mom, it says the correct info ... AFTER that photo I then showed the image of Nancy and her mom crying... followed by my comment about the look on her moms face :) I can see thou how it could of been confusing .... Thank you for checking out my blog ! :)