Monday, April 19, 2010

This and that ...

Tulip Field Fun ! April 2010

I love the fringe fun of this red tulip below... its one of those times when I thought hummmm... that would make a great paint color...

One of the fun parts of learning about my camera... here, let me try to do one of my famous "self family" portraits... oopps... lens set wayyyyyyyy to close... luckily for us, a nice woman stopped over and asked if she could take our picture.. thou she didn't speak good english, she knew enough to point and push a button.. lol ! :) I love the look on Kayla's face here... squished between a whole lattahhhh love !

Couple more updates of this and that ... Kayla and I's trek to Portland was, as always, so much fun, and as always, way to short ! Seeing family is one of life's riches to me... and being able to go see the "old neighborhood" was a bonus. Thank you Unc for taking me, it was good to see it all, and for Kayla to see it... we talked about it on the way home back to Camano.. she has such a good imagination, and asked so many questions of what is like for me on the farm.. the way she can picture it I'm sure is nothing like the way I picture it, but she get's it.. she gets that it was a very special part of my life, and she knows that my memories of it are a treasure...

While on our trip, I decided to try couple fun camera techniques... I'm learning as I go, and I'm loving it ! "Panning" is a fun technique where you follow your subject while they are in motion... I for one need ALOT more practice with this..I took over 100 shots, and about 10 of them were pretty good, but I got this one shot above that was kinda cool...Tick tock, tick tock goes the learning clock !!! :)

I got to take an AMAZING Nature Photography Seminar last Saturday... what a wonderful experiance!!! I was able to meet alot of wonderful people, some of them from as far away as Canada, Oregon and even Northern California. Thou I still have a long ways to go till my photographs are considered "good" in most people's eyes... what I do come up with is memories for those around me, perhaps some laughter and tears too... life is too short, I'm reminded of this every day at work.. my hope is, that my photographs make people for the most part smile, and take a time out to pause, and just sit for a moment, perhaps recall a memory they have, or maybe they themselves will decide to try what they are seeing in the photograph... whatever the outcome is for the people who see them, for me, its all about capturing a moment in time that is frozen for once... captured and still on the photograph, yet still telling a story about why we are all here..

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