Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Photoshop Fun

I get asked often what is one of the main things I look for within myself when taking photos...Its a open ended question, one with many answers...I dont even know if I have an answer...What I do know is what I try to do with each and every photo I take..And that is to do all I can to make it a great picture, one that doesn't need "editing".. I'm still a work in progress obviously, I never expect perfection, I just aim for it. It makes it fun, rewarding, challenging and sometimes frustrating..HOWEVER... that being said... I LOVE PHOTOSHOP !! I can literally sit for hours and play with ONE photo, and turn it into 100's of different looks, different textures, different styles... and never get bored. I love it. If you dont have Photoshop... I urge you to give it a try... but a warning... Its addicting! I thought I would post some of my fun Photoshop edited photos from the past couple of months..each one is totally different from the original I took, and each has its own feel, its own warmth, its own meaning...The creation ideas are endless...
I have to mention the last photo is probably one of my favorite edited ones from ths past summer... I LOVE how you can see the ocean in Kayla's sunglasses... that was a huge surprise for me because in the SOOTC shot (straight out of the camera), you couldn't see that ! What a fantastic surprise to see it come to life! Other photos above are of course me and my amazing husband who I cherish so very much, my wonderfully funny and beautiful neice Ellie and her silly-goose adorable brother Luke my nephew...I have so many chances everyday to take photos and make memories that will last longer than the day they were taken in...I will always be thankful for them.

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